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 Winter 2018/19

    It's Winter (officially) and the Sprouts are getting outside whenever weather allows. So keep bringing those snow suits, boots, hats n mittens.  Never thought we would wish for snow but the kids are antsy for sledding and building forts, snowmen, etc.

       The Holiday Season was fun with the kids making "handprint calendar"  gifts for their parents- lots of messes, fun and laughs.  And a big THANK YOU to all parents who brought gifts for the Sprouts both big and small.  The games will be enjoyed by all as were the yummy treats! The Sprouts all enjoyed the Holiday party and finding out "who got who" and what great choices were made for gifting.  Our elf, "Cocoa" reported that he heard only "happy" comments.  

   We have enjoyed watching the goings on next door at the site of the now demolished Jordan Acres Elementary School.  Make way for the Kate Furbish Elementary School !! Kate Furbish Elementary will be a kindergarten thru 2nd grade facility able to house 650 students.  We have watched trees go down and the removal of the playground followed by the building itself.  We continue to watch each day in amazement as the new building begins, complete with an elevator shaft.  Lots of big trucks, jackhammering, waves from the crews and noise.  We are pleased that the site managers, Steve and Scott, have been very informative and respectful of our close proximity.  They have alerted us to things of interest so the "kids don't miss the excitement" as well as being careful to schedule "noisy" events outside of our naptimes.  

As we go into the new year, we are excited to be looking forward to some of our Sprouts becoming older siblings.  Our enrollment has trended toward being a bit younger than in the past years and we enjoy watching them all grow together and being able to take siblings so they can be together each day.  

All the Best to You and Yours in 2019!!!!