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Winter 2018/19

Reminder: Vacation/Holiday Schedules went out in early December- please mark your calendars.Y You may also access our schedule on this site.

                 Please be sure to send appropriate clothing - Snow pants, heavy jackets, waterproof boots, hats and waterproof mittens.  Feel free to leave a second set at Sprouts.  We try to dry all wet clothing ASAP and keep them available.     

     We always try to keep extra clothing for our Little Sprouts but please do your part in keeping your child's cubby stocked with weather appropriate changes and proper footwear.  We find the children are not always amenable to wearing what we can "dig up" for them.  Boys are not particularly fond of pink shorts and girls tend to prefer them!

We are happy to report we have had our interim Licensing Inspection and have had no findings of any "violations", etc. We will be due for complete inspection in January. Please be sure to update immunization copies with us whenever your child receives new ones.

Past Posts: Summer

Although sandals are cool and "in", please be sure to also provide a pair of tennis shoes to be kept in your child's cubby.  We sometimes will take a walking trip up to the Mall for lunch or to the ball field for a picnic and would prefer children be comfortable when walking.

If you child has an "extra" bathing suit to leave at Sprouts, that would be appreciated but we do have some hand-me downs available for those who do not.  The children enjoy sprinkler and slip n slide on very warm days.

Most of you have brought sunscreen for your child, Thank-You!   If you have not, please check with us- we don't mind using a "house" supply if your child does not have a particular sensitivity to one.   



Previous Posts-

Winter 2014/15

 We continue to spend extra time to locate appropriate footwear for children to go outside- remember- if your child  "wanted to wear" a certain inappropriate choice of footwear, that is fine- we have no problem enforcing appropriate footwear when dressing to go outside- however to do so, you must bring the footwear with your child.  This rule applies to all appropriate winter wear- hats/gloves & mittens/snowpants. Dressing to go out sometimes takes longer than the actual time we are outside. However, we feel it is very important that the children are outside whenever possible whether it be for a short time or long time- fresh air and sunshine daily is our aim.  You can help us reach that goal by sending appropriate outerwear thereby saving us extra time searching for loaner items.   Thank-you.